Our Sister Company

Since 1965 the Sonchar family has owned and operated BTU Block & Concrete. With one mission always at the forefront, “To serve each and every person and their family with respect, honesty and integrity,” we continually strive to earn your trust. 

BTU is a locally owned and operated ready mix concrete, building block manufacture, and construction aggregate company. Along with BTU Do it Center, the BTU companies have been supplying the concrete, construction and building material needs of Northeastern New Mexico for over 50 years. 

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BTU Block and Concrete

BTU has received the Governor’s VIVA award (Vision, Investment, Vitality, and Action) from the New Mexico Association of Commerce, and was named “Business of the Year” on multiple occasions. 

The Sonchar family knows that it takes more than great products and competitive pricing to grow a successful business; therefore, we employ and incredible staff dedicated to provide outstanding customer service in order to obtain and maintain our exceptional reputation.  

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